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Duplicate Building/Decorations

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Credit To derick15

This you need:

Charles Proxy 

Step 1:
Open Charles and Open Farmville,Now make sure that position 0,0 is avaible
(position o,o is just the bottom left corner of your farm) it most be free. 

Step 2:
place a haybale in that position and turn on BP in Charles 

Step 3:
having BP on move the haybale and place it on the same positon to obtain the Param Info Itemname,Id,Position etc. and take note of it because you will need it. execute twice.

Step 4:
Still having BP on select the Item you want to duplicate and store it, now Charles will pop up and you going to Edit the Param with the Information of the Haybale and execute twice, Refresh the farm and you will have the duplicate item store in your barn.

How to get Unlimited Gold

Monday, February 28, 2011

This little tutorial is to show you how to get unlimited gold.

things you need
1-Farmville Bot [download]
2-Workshop Plugin [download]

Step 1:
Download Farmvillebot and install

Step 2:
Download the workshop plugin,once downloaded extract it to your desktop
copy the folder you just extracted and paste in  C:\FarmVilleBot_2.1\plugins

Step 3:
Run the Farmville bot and go to the plugin folder and select workshop and click open.

Step 4:
now in the workshop tab select the amount of gold you want per a cycle and the stage your cottage is in
and click save, go to the main tab and click extended log you should see something like this
Workshop Hack: generating 2 GOLD…
Parser_CheckAMF2Rewards: rewards found: stpattysbasket2011_gold_1
Workshop Hack: generating 2 GOLD…
Parser_CheckAMF2Rewards: rewards found: stpattysbasket2011_gold_5
Workshop Hack: generating 2 GOLD…
Parser_CheckAMF2Rewards: rewards found: stpattysbasket2011_gold_2
Workshop Hack: generating 2 GOLD…
Parser_CheckAMF2Rewards: rewards found: stpattysbasket2011_gold_2
Workshop Hack: generating 2 GOLD…
and that's it look in your giftbox and you will be all set.

How To Level Up Fast

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Use this method to level up a Dummy account from level 1-100 in 10 mins and use the Cash to send your Real account Items.

If you use on Real Account be aware it will fill up your giftbox with Fuel

Unlock Giftbox

Monday, October 25, 2010

What you need



Giftbox Plugin


1-Download Bot and install it

2-Download Winrar and install it

3-Download Gifbox plugin and extract it to your desktop

4-open the giftbox folder you extract until you see only giftbox

5-drag that folder to C:\FarmVilleBot_2.1\plugins

6-Sign in to facebook via IE and check keep me login

7-run the bot and let it run one cycle

8-the next starting cycle stop it and go into plugin and select giftbox

9-under giftbox click setting and enable selling then click on giftbox and to the MC items click Add to selling and that is all let the bot run a cycle and your giftbox will be unlock 

Get Any Items Using Bushel

Sunday, October 24, 2010

1.Open your farm
2.Start charles
3.Enable breakpoints
4.Look inside crafting cottage.Search for a bushel which is not available with your friends.
5.Now click "ASK" and then "SHARE"
If you dont see ask option just buy all the bushels of a specific crop and then it will be there.
6.Charles Pops up.
EDIT REQUEST --->change the 2 letter short code to whatever item you want-->EXECUTE.
charles will pop up again.execute 2 times further till you get a pop up to share in your farm.
Disable breakpoints.

7.Now click share and post it on your friend,neighbours or just copy the link and click from your dummy.
8.Login your dummy and send that item.(have patience and make sure you have sent it correctly or else you will get gifterrors which you don't want.
9.Log back to your main and accept that item and if you have made no mistakes,no gifterrors it will be in your GIFTBOX:D

NOTE1.While sending items from your dummy you can open multiple tabs and send the same item multiple times.
2.While accepting gift requests on your main notice that you are not getting any gifterrors.If you get any gifterrors it will take you straight to the farm with no gift.Even after doing all the steps correctly some accounts cant get the items.(REASON -dunno).
3.You can "ask bushles" only at INTERVAL OF 4 HRS..So have patience while trying it out.
4.This method DOES NOT work forFV CASH .So do not waste your valuable attempts trying for that.
Credit to the people at Fvelite Forum
Find Codes To The Items Here Farmville Roosters Group

Unreleased Candycorn Pony

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unreleased Turkey Coop

Unreleased Turkey Coop So What Are  You Expecting To Collect From This Babies?

                                 Stage 1
Stage 2
Finish Turkey Coop